No worries! medical interpreters can help you!

Get an English interpreter when …

・it is the first time to give a birth in Japan.

・you will have your first baby.  

・you don’t have confidence in your


・you have some concerns about pregnancy, delivery and childcare.


“KOTOSAPOMAMA”is a project to dispatch medical interpreters for  foreign moms who give a birth free of anxiety in Japan. Authorized interpreters gained enough knowledge about pregnancy will be dispatched.  Our interpreters can see the value of foreign cultures and religions.  They also have confidence in responding to every situation.

A medical interpreter will support your pregnancy and your baby.
 ( maternity class, parent class , hospitalization procedure, medical checkup in infancy, home visit for newborn, immunization, any applications at governmental offices, etc.)

  • Service Area: Kyoto city, Southern part of Kyoto prefecture
  • Institutions: health service facilities, ward offices, health centers
  • Basic Service Charge: 5,000yen/30min
  • Service Hours: 9:00AM - 8:00PM, Monday - Friday
    * Services are not available at night and on emergency.


Please contact us for other language, area and contents.

Consultation and Application Form here.


Basic rate

(Minimum 1 hours~)

transportation expenses of an interpreter

  1. Start application
    Apply on web site or FAX
  2. Interim over Phone
    Application requirements
  3. Interview agreement
    Dispatch of medical interpreter



Center for Multicultural Society Kyoto is a nonprofit organization founded in 1998.  We have offered medical interpreter dispatching service to four designated hospital in Kyoto since 2003, in collaboration with Kyoto City and Kyoto City International Foundation. Approximately 1,800 patients use our service every year.

Center for Multicultural Society Kyoto

Ueda Bldg. #206 Sakaimachi 21, Takakura-kado Gojo-dori

Sshimogyo-ku Kyoto 600-8191
Office Hours: 10:00-18:00 Monday- Friday
Tel: 075-353-7205  Fax 075-353-7206   
E-mail: info@tabunka-kyoto.org