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I’m a Senegalese mother-to-be living in Kyoto. Being pregnant in a foreign country can be very stressful if you don’t speak the local language and fortunately, my doctor speaks English and he is very understanding.

I didn’t have major troubles relating to my pregnancy and I received lots of information but usually I had to make the documents translated if there was no English version available. Also, I didn’t feel very comfortable when visiting governmental offices because I speak Japanese just a little and I was upset to disturb the workers because they had to call a colleague who speaks English every time I went there. I was also wondering how to manage for the Papa and Mama classes…

But since April I’ve been experimenting Trial Medical Interpretation Service for pregnant women and I really appreciate the service. The interpreters accompany me to governmental offices for maternity-related procedures and to hospital to attend the family classes. At the National Health Center, the nurse no more needs to require a translator every time she visits me or when I go there. Now I feel more confident because I can make myself understood and I can understand better the workers. This service is very helpful.

Furthermore, the interpreters are very professional and I’m touched by their patience and their kindness. I’m very grateful and I thank them properly.
I would like to recommend the Medical Interpretation Service to every pregnant woman who, as me, doesn’t speak Japanese. It’s all benefit.